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Clinical cases-report, cured by Classical Homeopathy

By Kalliadas Dimitris

Below reference is made to some patient case-histories as examples in which the classical homeopathic dentistry can be applied.

Case 1 - SINUS Histiocytosis with massive lymphadenopathy

Case 2 - Xerostomia

Case 3 - Hyperemia of the living teeth

Temporomandibular Diarthrosis Problems

The temporomandibular diarthrosis constitutes one of the most important anatomofunctional groups of the visceral cranium. Its disordered function causes problems of such a kind, which can be a real "headache" in most of the times for the modern standard therapeutics. There are actually even special clinics which deal with these problems. Here I will refer to two cases with which I dealt in my consulting room with the exclusive help of classical homeopathic therapeutics.

Case 4, Case 5